A successful retirement plan must be both sustainable and compatible with the company's long-term objectives.

A company’s retirement plan should be as crucial to the organization as it is to the employees. A successful retirement plan must be both sustainable and compatible with the company’s long-term objectives while being efficiently and cost-effectively administered. With experience, industry knowledge and due diligence, Stonebridge helps protect companies and their executives from financial liability, with results that build the confidence of plan participants. Stonebridge focuses on in offering sound advice and strategic planning for qualified plans.

Stonebridge’s team of investment fiduciaries help organizations successfully manage 401k’s, 403b’s and other qualified retirement plans while providing advice and education to maximize the associated tax benefits for the organization and the savings and investment opportunities for plan participants.

Fiduciary Oversight

  • Develop, implement and adhere to plan policy statements
  • Select, monitor and update investment line up
  • Maintain ERISA 3(21) Compliance
  • Facilitate Plan Merger
  • Contract analysis, including review of plan design, goals and objectives of your organization, overall strategy of plan
  • Recommend changes in plan design to help improve participation, administration, and ease of use
  • Investment policy creation, design, implementation and review
  • Assist in coordinating regular investment committee meetings to review selected investment options, legislative changes, and overall health of the plan
  • Performance due diligence and overall selection of investment options
  • Fiduciary liability mitigation through proper documentation and ongoing monitoring
  • Adherence to investment policy statement and plan document
  • Continuity of fiduciary standards
  • Set up and maintain online fiduciary portal archiving plan documents, processes, executive summaries, and investment reviews
  • Provide fiduciary training and education for plan trustees
  • Comprehensive vendor search based on your specific goals and objectives
  • Benchmarking analysis, relative to industry, to help ensure that your plan fees and capabilities are in line with or better than those of competitors
  • Transition and conversion support to new service providers through the preparation and management of conversion timeline, investment option mapping, and oversight on employee communication strategy
  • Development of comprehensive communication and education strategies customized to the needs of your employees
  • Ongoing education both in person and via web conferencing, supported by a team of trained professionals

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