Stonebridge is focused on helping their client's grow their assets to provide for future generations.

A financial portfolio is more than a collection of securities and accounts – It is an investment to help individuals achieve their goals.

When individuals reach a certain level of financial wellbeing, priorities may shift from accumulating wealth to protecting it and planning for people and causes that can benefit from this success. Stonebridge is focused on helping their client’s grow their assets to provide for future generations. With our four-step consultative process, we provide a highly personalized investment strategy based on the disciplines of asset allocation and diversification. Once Stonebridge financial professionals have determined the most appropriate allocation to help clients meet cash flow and accumulation goals, they construct a portfolio based on our disciplined methodology of evaluating investment managers. Using a combination of institutional management, separate accounts, mutual funds, alternative investments and exchange traded funds Stonebridge is able to provide a highly customized investment strategy.

Our Process

Stonebridge Financial Group wealth management clients receive the following services and benefits:

  • Diversified portfolios with access to industry leading, separately managed accounts and mutual funds in one account
  • Periodic rebalancing to help ensure that the portfolio is consistently meeting goals and objectives
  • Tax management strategies to help minimize tax consequences of growth in the account
  • Detailed performance reporting that keeps clients informed of their investment portfolio’s performance at all times, with statements and online access
  • Ongoing account maintenance and monitoring market conditions help ensure retirement and wealth accumulation goals are on track
  • Proactive planning and review meetings to discuss life changes and the corresponding changes needed to align accounts

Stonebridge provides strategic planning with a proactive and personalized focus to help clients realize their financial goals.

Asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing do not guarantee a profit or protection against loss.

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